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Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham's investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator. In general, content that can be submitted is defined as "anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity.


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A computer hacker is a computer expert who uses their technical knowledge to achieve a certain goal,...

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treated in The Evolution Of Hacker News

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The idea of a VC having its own news aggregator was a bit outlandish in 2007. But Y Combinator was in...

treated in The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News

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Can a human touch make Silicon Valley’s biggest discussion forum a more thoughtful place?

treated in A List of Hacker News's Undocumented Features and Behaviors

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Some of the hidden norms about Hacker News not otherwise covered in the Guidelines and the FAQ.