Topological data analysis

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Basic topological concepts and models and their use in data analysis will be introduced. Course contents 1. Topological models: triangulations and simplicial complexes, cell complexes 2. Finding holes and tunels: homology groups 3. Distinguishing between the details and the big picture: persistent homology


about Topological data analysis (TDA)

In applied mathematics, topological data analysis (TDA) is an approach to the analysis of datasets us...

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The University of Ljubljana, often referred to as UL, is the oldest and largest university in Sloveni...

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My research interests are in topology and geometry. I am particularly interested in geometric interpr...

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I am a mathematician teaching computer science students math. My research interests are connected to...

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9 rating 2 level 8 clarity 2 user's background

Loads of examples. Slowly paced, so good for total beginners.
At times the pace is too slow since they take their time to write the notes.
Definitely recommend for introduction into TDA.
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10 rating 2 level 8 clarity 3 user's background

Interesting theory and examples
Includes basics of metric spaces, groups and vector fields, so it's not just about TDA