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Relations Guide

Comprehensive list of all relations that can be present on KnowledgePicker between resources, topics and authors.




treated in
Resource that is about the author. Albert Einstein is treated in 'Einstein: His Life and Universe'.
has official
Resource that is officially issued ground truth for the topic. HTML has official ground truth in 'W3C HTML Specification'.
official for
Topic for which the resource is officially issued ground truth. 'W3C HTML Specification' is official resource for HTML.
pros given in
Resource that discusses advantages of the topic. TypeScript has pros given in 'Why TypeScript is awesome'.
gives pros of
Topic whose advantages are given in the resource. 'Why TypeScript is awesome' gives pros of TypeScript.
cons given in
Resource that discusses disadvantages of the topic. JavaScript has cons given in 'Why not use JavaScript'.
gives cons of
Topic whose disadvantages are given in the resource. 'Why not use JavaScript' gives cons of JavaScript.
compared in
Resource that compares the topic with others. Bootstrap is compared in 'Bootstrap or Material UI?'.
Topic that is compared with others in the resource. 'Bootstrap or Material UI?' compares Bootstrap.
Topic that is mentioned in the resource. 'Deep Learning' mentions classical machine learning.
mentioned in
Resource that mentions the topic. Classical machine learning is mentioned in 'Deep Learning'.
excluded from
Resource that excludes the topic. CSS3 is excluded from 'Modern Web Development'.
Topic that is excluded from the resource. 'Modern Web Development' excludes CSS3.
Topic the author is an instance of. Stephen Hawking is a scientist.
Author who is an instance of the topic. Scientist is e.g., Stephen Hawking.
used in
Resource that uses the topic or language. English is used in 'On the Origin of Species'.
Activity or language used in the resource. 'On the Origin of Species' uses English.
has community
Resource where community for the topic hangs out. Python has community in subreddit 'r/Python'.
community of
Topic whose community hangs out in the resource. Subreddit 'r/Python' is community for Python.
participated in
Resource the author participated in. Matthew Walker participated in Joe Rogan's podcast episode #1109.
version of
Product that the topic is version of. Python 3 is version of Python.
has version
Specific version of the topic. Python has version Python 3.
different from
Different approach than the topic. Declarative programming is different from imperative programming.
similar to
Similar approach to the topic. Perceptron is similar to neuron.
has prerequisite
Prerequisite that needs to be studied before the resource. Course 'Machine Learning' has prerequisite course 'Linear Algebra'.
prerequisite for
Follow-up that requires the resource to be studied beforehand. Course 'Linear Algebra' is prerequisite for course 'Machine Learning'.
has important
Resource that is important for the topic. Economics has important book 'The Wealth of Nations'.
important for
Topic that the resource is important for. 'The Wealth of Nations' is important book for economics.
Previous part that precedes the resource. Course Microeconomics II follows Microeconomics I.
Subsequent part that follows the resource. Course Microeconomics I precedes Microeconomics II.
new version of
Older version of the resource. Atkins' Physical Chemistry 11th Edition is new version of 10th Edition.
old version of
Newer version of the resource. Atkins' Physical Chemistry 10th Edition is old version of 11th Edition.
Topic discussed in the resource. Forum thread 'What do you think about CRDTs?' discusses CRDT.
discussed in
Resource that discusses the topic. CRDT is discussed in forum thread 'What do you think about CRDTs?'.
based on
Foundation that the resource is based on. Course 'Deep learning' is based on 'Deep learning in neural networks: An overview'.
basis for
Derivative that is based on the resource. 'Deep learning in neural networks: An overview' is basis for course 'Deep learning'.
has translation
Translation of the resource. 'Kon-Tiki Ekspedisjonen' has translation 'The Kon-Tiki Expedition'.
translation of
Original of the translated resource. 'The Kon-Tiki Expedition' is translation of 'Kon-Tiki Ekspedisjonen'.
Resource the author (co)created. Stephen Hawking is author of 'A Brief History of Time'.
expert on
Topic the author is expert on. Stephen Hawking is expert on theoretical physics.
mastered by
Author who knows a lot about the topic. Theoretical physics is mastered by Stephen Hawking.
Resource published by the organization. O'Reily published 'Data Science from Scratch'.
Resource the author edited before publishing. Specialized book authors ask experts in the field to edit their work.
Resource the supervisor overlooked but not authored. Thesis usually has a supervisor who assists the student.
related to
Author is related to another person. Marie Curie is wife of Pierre Curie.
educated at
Institution the author is educated at. Larry Page is educated at the Stanford University.
Author who is educated at the institution. Stanford University educated Larry Page.
tool for
Concept the topic is used for. Pitch deck is tool for presentation.
has tool
Tool used for the topic. Presentation has tool pitch deck.