Image-based biometry

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The course relies mostly on computer vision, as most biometrics technologies are based on it. Students interested in cutting edge technology, much of which is still in a research stage, are the intended target for the course. The course gives the overview of the research field. The main content (will evolve due to developments in the field): - Biometry basics - Biometrical modalities - Structure of a typical biometric system - Recognition/verification/identification - Metrics - Conditions for correct comparisons of the systems (databases, frameworks) - Performance and usefulness of the systems - Computer vision as the foundation of the biometric systems - Fingerprint - Iris - Face - Gait - Ear - Multi-biometric systems / multi-modality / fusions - Key problems of modalities/systems (research challenges) The lectures introduce the approaches and explain their operation. At tutorial the knowledge is applied to practical problems in Matlab and open source tools.


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Biometrics are body measurements and calculations related to human characteristics. Biometrics authen...

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Very outdated approaches are taught. Weird assignments.
Overall seems useless. State-of-the-art CNNs are mentioned only slightly. First lab assignment was to Google for face images and it was worth third of all points from labs.