Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants

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Type Paper
Created 1986-01-01
Identifier DOI: 10.2307/2260650


Nutritional Physiology: Introduction, Definition, and Classification of Mineral Nutrients. Ion Uptake Mechanisms of Individual Cells and Roots: Short Distance Transport. Long-Distance Transport in the Xylem and Phloem and its Regulation. Uptake and Release of Mineral Elements by Leaves and Other Aerial Plant Parts. Yield and the Source-Sink Relationships. Mineral Nutrition and Yield Response. Nitrogen Fixation. Functions of Mineral Nutrients: Macronutrients. Function of Mineral Nutrients: Micronutrients. Beneficial Mineral Elements. Relationship between Mineral Nutrition and Plant Diseases and Pests. Diagnosis of Deficiency and Toxicity of Mineral Nutrients. Plant-Soil Relationships: Nutrient Availability in Soils. Effect of Internal and External Factors on Root Growth and Development. The Soil-Root Interface (Rhizosphere) in Relation to Mineral Nutrition. Adaptation of Plants to Adverse Chemical Soil Conditions. References. Subject Index.


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