Im2Calories: Towards an Automated Mobile Vision Food Diary

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Created 2015-12
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We present a system which can recognize the contents of your meal from a single image, and then predict its nutritional contents, such as calories. The simplest version assumes that the user is eating at a restaurant for which we know the menu. In this case, we can collect images offline to train a multi-label classifier. At run time, we apply the classifier (running on your phone) to predict which foods are present in your meal, and we lookup the corresponding nutritional facts. We apply this method to a new dataset of images from 23 different restaurants, using a CNN-based classifier, significantly outperforming previous work. The more challenging setting works outside of restaurants. In this case, we need to estimate the size of the foods, as well as their labels. This requires solving segmentation and depth / volume estimation from a single image. We present CNN-based approaches to these problems, with promising preliminary results.


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Datasets are available. Quite easy to follow.
As with all papers no source codes. No cool approach that would blow your mind.
One of the first attempts to predict calorie intake of meals from images. Uses CNNs to tackle that and more advanced approaches such as segmentation and volume / size predictions.