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Idris is a purely-functional programming language with dependent types, optional lazy evaluation, and features such as a totality checker. Idris may be used as a proof assistant, but it is designed to be a general-purpose programming language similar to Haskell. The Idris type system is similar to Agda's, and proofs are similar to Coq's, including tactics (theorem proving functions/procedures) via elaborator reflection. Compared to Agda and Coq, Idris prioritizes management of side effects and support for embedded domain-specific languages. Idris compiles to C (relying on a custom copying garbage collector using Cheney's algorithm) and JavaScript (both browser- and Node.js-based). There are third-party code generators for other platforms, including JVM, CIL, and LLVM.Idris is named after a singing dragon from the 1970s UK children's television program Ivor the Engine.


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A programming language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kin...

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