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You can follow the HTML-over-the-wire approach as merely inspiration for your own tooling, or you can use these Hotwire designed frameworks created by the team at Basecamp to power HEY. They work together, complementing each other to give you a complete solution across all platforms.


is HTML over the wire

HTML over the wire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much...

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The heart of Hotwire is Turbo. A set of complementary techniques for speeding up page changes and for...

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While Turbo usually takes care of at least 80% of the interactivity that traditionally would have req...

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treated in Hotwire: HTML Over The Wire

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I’d like to share my experience of encountering Hotwire from the team at Basecamp which was extracted...

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Take a deep dive into building reactive Rails applications with Hotwire Turbo and only a pinch of cus...