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Svelte is a free and open-source front end JavaScript framework created by Rich Harris and maintained by Harris and other Svelte core team members. Svelte applications do not include framework references. Instead, building a Svelte application generates code to manipulate the DOM, which may reduce the size of transferred files as well as give better client startup and run-time performance. Svelte has its own compiler for converting app code into client-side JavaScript at build time. It is written in TypeScript. The Svelte source code is licensed under MIT License and hosted on GitHub.


is Web framework

A web framework (WF) or web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is designed to s...

parent of SvelteKit

SvelteKit is a framework for building extremely high-performance web apps. Think of it as Next.js for...

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Welcome to the Svelte tutorial. This will teach you everything you need to know to build fast, small...

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Svelte and TailwindCSS are kinda weird together aren't they? Svelte has this awesome built in styl...

treated in Compile Svelte in your head (Part 1)

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The main idea of this article is to show how the Svelte compiler compiles the Svelte syntax.

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This is not a post declaring Svelte to be better than React, or vice-versa. This is a post where I'll...

has official API Docs • Svelte

This page contains detailed API reference documentation. It's intended to be a resource for people wh...

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Svelte for beginners. Learn the most elegant new JavaScript front end frame work with the latest seri...

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A curated list of Svelte themes and templates built using svelte, sveltekit, elderjs, routify etc.

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I keep being surprised by how reactive Svelte feels. In this article, we take a glance at the Svelte...

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Well, not exactly anywhere. But it's more than just inside components!