Concurrent tree space transformation in the Aardappel programming language

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Created 2000-07
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It is perceived that one of the biggest problems in maintaining software quality is the above linear growth in complexity compared to the size of a program, resulting in the programmer's cognitive loss of an overview and ultimately the degradation of the quality of the software. This thesis tries to counter that by introducing a language with a new sharing model that makes dependencies in a program explicit at the language level, and local to one specific language construct (the tree space). We introduce the language which is based on tree rewriting and Linda style tuple spaces and comes with a graphical programming notation. We discuss the worth of its design, precisely specify it using a formal semantics, and report on experience with the model using a real world implementation.


about Aardappel

The research I’ve done for my PhD (‘96 - 2000) involves designing and implementing a new language, wh...

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