Visualizing SEP: An Interactive Visualization and Search Engine for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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Visualizing SEP is an interactive visualization and search engine for exploring the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy beautifully and powerfully. The fundamental motivation of Visualizing SEP is that the web of knowledge that links different ideas, philosophers, and schools of thought together is as important as any particular topic itself, so the application brings these intertextual connections to the forefront of the research process. Every article returned by the application’s search engine is presented within a network graph of all the other articles to which it is directly linked, allowing users to easily deep-dive into the selected topic and its surrounding contexts, or to continually explore new avenues of related knowledge. Visualizing SEP is not only a powerful research tool, but it also doubles as a fun way to explore the incredible resource that is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


based on Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and re...

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