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Flutter Template Examples is a collection of widgets and animations with source code, all built with Flutter. Flutter is a Google's UI kit which allows developers to create app for web, mobile, and desktop. It helps developers to quickly create beautiful UI with stunning animations. Features: * Dart Cheat Sheet - Learn the basics of Dart language. * Flutter Cheat Sheet - Common Flutter widgets used to create layout. * Animation - Examples of animation widgets, including the built-in ones, those who made by 3rd-party libraries, and some custom-made animation. * UI Snippets - This tool list UI snippets made by tltemplates.com. This section is frequently updated to showcase the best of Flutter UI. * Color Generator Tool - Create MaterialColor set from a chosen color. Flutter Template Examples showcases Flutter components, with side-by-side source code view.


about Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applic...

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I finally published my first Flutter app. It is a collection of Flutter widget and animation examples...

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