Monitoring stress with a wrist device using context

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Created 2017-09
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Being able to detect stress as it occurs can greatly contribute to dealing with its negative health and economic consequences. However, detecting stress in real life with an unobtrusive wrist device is a challenging task. The objective of this study is to develop a method for stress detection that can accurately, continuously and unobtrusively monitor psychological stress in real life. First, we explore the problem of stress detection using machine learning and signal processing techniques in laboratory conditions, and then we apply the extracted laboratory knowledge to real-life data. We propose a novel context based stress-detection method.


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Mobile phone–based sensing software is a class of software for mobile phones that uses the phone's se...

about Stress monitoring

Using wearables to monitor and predict levels of stress.

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5 rating 5 level 4 clarity 8 user's background

A novel approach at publish time.
Many errors in the paper if you read it thoroughly. Unclear at occasions due to inconsistencies in text.
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7 rating 3 level 5 clarity 3 user's background

Unlike previous papers, it tries predicting stress using wrist band in a real-life scenario.
There were quite a few errors in the paper if you read thoroughly. No publicly available dataset as promised in the paper.