Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud

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Created 2019-10
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In this article we propose “local-first software”: a set of principles for software that enables both collaboration and ownership for users. Local-first ideals include the ability to work offline and collaborate across multiple devices, while also improving the security, privacy, long-term preservation, and user control of data. We share some of our findings from developing local-first software prototypes at Ink & Switch over the course of several years. These experiments test the viability of CRDTs in practice, and explore the user interface challenges for this new data model. Lastly, we suggest some next steps for moving towards local-first software: for researchers, for app developers, and a start-up opportunity for entrepreneurs.


about Local first software

“Local-first software”: a set of principles for software that enables both collaboration and ownershi...

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Awesome piece on local-first software and CRDTs.
Quite long, but totally worth it!
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Engaging read, loads of examples. Simple introduction to the idea.
Quite long (but still enjoyable).
If you want to learn about the local-first software idea, this is the first "go to" article.