Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?

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New technologies often spur public anxiety, but the intensity of concern about the implications of advances in artificial intelligence (AI) is particularly noteworthy. Several respected scholars and technology leaders warn that AI is on the path to turning robots into a master class that will subjugate humanity, if not destroy it. Others fear that AI is enabling governments to mass produce autonomous weapons—“killing machines”—that will choose their own targets, including innocent civilians. Renowned economists point out that AI, unlike previous technologies, is destroying many more jobs than it creates, leading to major economic disruptions.


about Regulation of artificial intelligence (AI)

The regulation of artificial intelligence is the development of public sector policies and laws for p...

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Well raised and discussed points.
Could be more comprehensive: more examples, views. Too simple.
A good read for quick orientation in the topic. For more understanding one should read more resources, this one is a great start, though.