Touchalytics: On the Applicability of Touchscreen Input as a Behavioral Biometric for Continuous Authentication

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Type Paper
Created 2013-01
Identifier ISSN: 1556-6013, 1556-6021


We investigate whether a classifier can continuously authenticate users based on the way they interact with the touchscreen of a smart phone. We propose a set of 30 behavioral touch features that can be extracted from raw touchscreen logs and demonstrate that different users populate distinct subspaces of this feature space. In a systematic experiment designed to test how this behavioral pattern exhibits consistency over time, we collected touch data from users interacting with a smart phone using basic navigation maneuvers, i.e., up-down and left-right scrolling. We propose a classification framework that learns the touch behavior of a user during an enrollment phase and is able to accept or reject the current user by monitoring interaction with the touch screen. The classifier achieves a median equal error rate of 0% for intra-session authentication, 2%-3% for inter-session authentication and below 4% when the authentication test was carried out one week after the enrollment phase.


about Continuous authentication

Continuous authentication is a method of identity confirmation on an ongoing basis. Instead of a user...

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