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PLATON brings together, in the context of a single program, a large variety of tools to be used in the process of a single crystal structure determination. This manual only discusses the available tools for the calculation and analysis of the geometrical results. Other implemented tools are documented elsewhere. PLATON may be used in conjunction with and complements structure determination programs such as SHELXS-97 and refinement programs such as SHELXL-97. The build-in PLUTON link may be used with the same data files for more elaborate graphics such as molecule packing plots. PLATON is designed for the automated generation of a variety of geometrical entities such as bond distances, bond angles, torsion angles, least-squares planes and ring-puckering parameters. All derived parameters are accompanied by standard deviations that are calculated by numerical methods from the supplied standard deviations in the primary input parameters.


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PLATON is a versatile SHELXL compatible multipurpose crystallographic tool. Most PLATON features com...

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